Consumer-facing products that deliver abundance. We build product innovation, brand development, sales and we grow value.

Abunda delivers solutions for the life sciences, health & nutrition and functional foods markets. Through our deep knowledge of consumer trends and product innovation, we deliver new technologies, innovations and bioactive ingredients into brands that last. We identify and capture growth opportunities for our clients.

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    We do:
    Abunda is an integrated consulting practice, providing top tier management and strategic solutions to growth-oriented companies. Our mission is to deliver value through innovative market approaches and increased profitability.
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    We’ve had proven success at top consumer product companies and B2B enterprises, and we’ve run start up organizations. We’ve developed and launched some of the most successful and iconic brands on the market. We’ve turned around struggling operations and dramatically increased corporate valuations. We have high level contacts and hands on experience, and a proclivity for cutting through the BS.
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    We cut through the clutter to provide defined and actionable solutions, helping our clients to be more competitive and profitable, and we bring tremendous insight and experience to bear in every engagement.
What They're Saying
Peter Leighton has quietly built a solid reputation working with smart and innovative clients. His insights and management experience delivers value. He knows what works and how to apply novel solutions. And he's created a model that works for entrepreneurial and mid-market growth companies.

Abunda was founded in 1997 by Peter Leighton, who brings nearly 30 years experience in consumer products, nutrition and biotechnology. Leighton has been responsible for some of the most successful brands on the market, and has been an early leader in the areas of functional foods and science-based nutraceuticals. He has held senior executive positions such as CEO at Advana Science, VP Marketing & Product Development at Natrol (NTOL), Vice President at Galileo Laboratories, SVP Marketing at Weider Nutrition (WNI) and Director of Marketing at InterHealth Nutraceuticals. He is also a frequent industry speaker and contributing writer for many publications.

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Abunda focuses on nutrition, CPG and life sciences companies, working with B2B and B2C clients. Here’s a sample of some of the brands that we’ve helped build:
Throughout the years and our many successes, we’ve learned some valuable insights. Some of these are here for you. Feel free to download the pdf’s and prosper.

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The nutrition industry is witnessing its greatest growth since 1998. Are you getting your share?
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    billion in 2013 The global market for functional foods & beverages will reach $176.7 billion in 2013 with a CAGR of over 7%. This represents about 5% of the overall US food market.

  • milestones_image_02 31%

    The US functional food market has grown 31% since 2006. 87% of American consumers are interested in learning about functional foods.

  • milestones_image_03 81%

    Global volume consumption of probiotics is more than 3X that of omega-3. 81% of Americans ranked probiotics as the most important nutrient.

  • milestones_image_04 88%

    of Americans wish they could find more convenient sources of nutrition when they're on-the-go. Healthier snack sales are growing at three times the rate of indulgent snacks.

  • milestones_image_05 20%

    Cranberry juice sales increased 20% after the results of a 1994 Harvard study demonstrating health benefits.

  • milestones_image_06 69%

    The U.S. supplement market has progressed steadily from 5.5% annual growth in 2007 to 6.5% in 2008 to 7.5% in 2009, and at least 69% of U.S. adults take them daily.

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